This device uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate the muscle to contract exponentially more than its natural capability. When used on the abdomen, it can trigger roughly 20,000 crunches in just 30 minutes. As the muscle rapidly contracts, it pulls energy from the surrounding fat, burning the fat cells.

Because of the electromagnetic force, we do not use Emsculpt® close to the heart. We only use it to target areas with bulk muscle such as the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and legs.


Everyone wants good looking abs. Patients with a thicker fat layer over their abs should first opt for a CoolSculpting® to de-bulk the area. No matter how much muscle we build with Emsculpt, it will not be visible if it’s covered with fat. Once the fat is de-bulked, we then use Emsculpt® to build the muscle.

Patients who use Emsculpt® on their abdomen see noticeable improvements in both performance and appearance.

  1. Performance — The muscle actually works better after the procedure. This strengthens the core, making running, hiking, and most other physical activities easier because of their strong core.
  2. Appearance — Visible results depend on the amount of fat present. Patients with minimal fat see a noticeable difference in their muscular definition. The strengthened muscle with remain hidden for patients with more fat.


Buttocks implants and lifts are becoming more popular, but using Emsculpt® is one of the most effective ways to lift the buttocks. The buttocks is the largest muscle that Emsculpt® can target. As it builds the muscle, it visibly lifts.

Arms and Legs

Patients who opt for Emsculpt® on their arms want to target their bicep and triceps. Using a special arm piece, we can use this procedure on both areas simultaneously.

On the legs, we have the ability to target thighs or calves with this technology.

Emsculpt® doesn’t replace the workout, but it can greatly enhance it. We all have limits to our physical activity, particularly with age or joint problems. This procedure can supplement workouts, allowing people to target muscles they otherwise wouldn’t have the capacity to work out to this extent.

Most patients need four sessions within two weeks build the best results. After that time, they can opt for touchup and maintenance. Otherwise, results can be maintained through diet and exercise.

The results last. Even at one year, without any increase in exercise, patient scans show an increase in the muscle and a sustained loss of fat.

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